Glastonbury Festival 2017-Wednesday 21st June


After much deliberation, I have decided to blog my experience at the Glastonbury Festival 2017, I have also decided to put it into five parts which will be published daily just to avoid any piece dragging on too long.  This year’s event also had quite a therapeutic sense for me as I went through a few misfortunes during the past year, none of which I’ll bore you with here.

After many years of trying for tickets to attend Glastonbury I was eventually successful in 2014 and was now attending for the fourth year in a row, which I feel truly grateful for.  I had a good feeling about this year as I would be attending with my sister as usual, however we would also be taking my nine-year-old nephew to his first Glastonbury so I was excited to see how he would find this place that I truly adore.

We set off on a coach from Manchester at around 8.30 and had our tents pitched up by 3 o’clock in the blazing sunshine, which despite being rather sweaty was an absolute treat compared to the 14-hour journey we endured last year as well as being one of the muddiest years too.  Despite the festival’s main stages not starting till Friday there is still so much to see and do before then, which ensures there never seems to be enough time to do everything you’d like.


               All pitched up in the sunshine

Once we got settled and unpacked the first thing on the agenda was to go and sample some of the culinary delights Glastonbury has to offer.  The food at the festival really is second to none in addition to provide pretty much any cuisine you could imagine at a reasonable cost too.  The youngest of our party opted for some crispy squid, whilst I got myself a burrito which was delicious and I also made the wise decision to get a regular which was very filling so I couldn’t imagine how big a large would have been.

As the evening set in we just wondered around the site whilst checking out some of the market places where you can buy all sorts of goodies as well as there being postcard stalls dotted around.  It’s so easy to pass hours by without even realising so it soon became the time when I was left to my own devices. 

Glastonbury is somewhere I feel incredibly comfortable on my own so I decided to take in a few bars whilst covering quite a bit of the site.  After visiting areas such as The Common, The Park, The Glade and West Holts I then settled around the Theatre and Circus parts where there is all sorts of weird and wonderful things happening in addition to plenty of bars pumping out tunes till the early hours.  Unsurprisingly enough I found myself to be a tad intoxicated after all this, something which becomes a recurring theme, so I decided to call it a night.

Click here for day 2.



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