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The Dark LP-Places

The Dark LP

Leeds based alt-rock band The Dark LP are set to follow up the success of their 2015 EP with latest single, Places.  Since the release of the aforementioned EP The Dark LP have gone on to play live shows at various venues which has seen them build up a keen following which should see this latest track ensure they can continue to grow.  The single itself is a wonderfully crafted tune full of great riffs that add to its more melodic moments making for an instant hit.  The chorus also features a hook that draws you into this infectious song which when accompanied by the emotive vocals only leaves you wanting more from The Dark LP.


The Passing Fancy-The Passed EP

passing fancy.jpg

The Passed is the latest EP from The Passing Fancy, the solo project of Wakefield based musician Paul Bateson.  Kicking off with the reflective yet bouncy All I Wanna Do (Is Get Drunk Today), which instantly makes you want to be down the pub singing along to the chorus.  Beer & Wine (I’ll Be Fine) screams of heartbreak, pulling at your heartstrings while also seeing a great take on traditional folk music by accompanying some wonderful strings along with guitars that meld together perfectly.  The Passing Fancy then jump into a short sharp burst of garage rock on Let Me Know (Or Let Me Go) which sees a change in direction for them all be it a good one.  Despite coming in at less than six minutes the EP is splendidly put together and with the promise of new music for later in the year it leaves me looking forward to hearing more from The Passing Fancy.

You can get the EP here.

Pumarosa-The Witch


London five piece Pumarosa have received much acclaim since rising to people’s attention in the past couple of years and have released their stunning debut album, The Witch, on Fiction Records.  The album itself oozes charisma and sees Pumarosa avoid being pigeon holed into one genre showing the diversity within the band as well as a sharp ability to experiment with sounds.

The forlorn, ambience of album opener Dragonfly provides a mesmerising atmosphere which encapsulates this enthralling record.  The album’s title track is a truly majestic track which elegantly glides through its understated tones before building into a great ending tinged in psychedelia.  Coming in at an epic seven and a half minutes the grandiose Priestess is a highlight of the record with a slow rumbling beginning that slowly graduates into a cacophony of an ending leaving the listener in absolute awe. 

The surprisingly bouncy synths contrast the title of My Gruesome Loving Friend is a close to an out and out pop song that Pumarosa come whilst also featuring some introspective lyrical content.  The ethereal and harmonious vocals on Barefoot see things slow down a bit, however it is this change of pace that really makes this spine-tingling track glow.  As The Witch is brought to a close on a high with the foot stomping Snake, which ensures the record doesn’t have a bad song on it, you can’t help but be inspired by this great band who have all the signs pointing towards a huge future.

You can get the album here.



Aradia are an experimental post rock four piece from Portland who have self-released their self-titled EP.  The drawn out, brooding intro to opening track Exile builds up a huge sense of anticipation before developing into a masterful track full of swirling guitars.  Next up is Frantic a slow burner of a tune which leads you into a false sense of security before reaching a crescendo including a closing section which fits the title perfectly.  Skin Changer follows the quiet/loud format which Aradia seem to do so well as well as demonstrating on this instrumental record that vocals are not always needed as excellent musicianship can speak for itself.  The thought provoking Rotten has more than a shoegaze feel to it as well as featuring an introspective tone that ensures Aradia draw things to a close in a fine manner.

You can get the EP here.

Josephine And The Artizans-Hip-Hopera: Act Two


Josephine And The Artizans (JATA) are a London based band, formed by the enigmatic Josephine Permaul, who fuse classical music alongside hip hop to startling results.  Hip-Hopera: Act Two is the latest EP in a sequence of highly impressive releases from this group which sees them continue going from strength to strength.

I first came across JATA a while ago and to be honest I was sceptical on the bands concept however it’s tracks like the EP opener, What It Takes, that proves any doubts I ever had.  Invictus quickly follows with an infectious intro which verges on 80’s synth pop before delving into the contrasting rap and operatic vocals that manage to compliment each other so well.  This short but sweet record concludes with If I Lose Control which features some elegant strings that help this harmonious track flow smoothly throughout as well as emphasising the versatility of this unique band.

You can check out the band here.

The Do’s-W.T.F

The Do's

The latest offering from Wakefield duo The Do’s comes in the form of the single W.T.F, released on the independent label Philophobia Music.  Full of menacing and fuzzy guitars, that has become a trademark of this extremely talented band, the track itself sees them keep up the fine form that has been demonstrated on previous releases.  The chorus breaks into a glorious cacophony of noise that leaves you surprised that two people can make such a racket in addition to leaving you with the hope that W.T.F could be a teaser to a full-length record in the future.

You can get the single here.

Avalanche Party-I’m So Wet

Avalanche party

Hailing from the North Yorkshire Moors, Avalanche Party are the latest signings to Clue Records and have made their single, I’m So Wet available courtesy of the independent label.  As is now expected from anything brought out by Clue Records this is yet another barnstorming track from a band that I already can’t wait to hear more from.  This sublime garage rock tune firmly roots itself in psychedelia in addition to guitars that swirl around the chorus that looms fascinatingly over you.  I’m So Wet then builds into a track that leaves you with such a sense of urgency that made me go find out about this band as well as making me truly excited to her more from Avalanche Party.

You can get the single here.