Glastonbury Festival 2017-Thursday 22nd June

ribbon tower                            The Ribbon Tower lit up at night.

I arose on Thursday morning feeling a little bit groggy but nothing too serious and certainly well enough to take myself out for a brilliant full English at a cafe near to the campsite. After the much-needed pit stop we headed over to the Greenpeace kids field, an area I had never been to before, which is just another demonstration of how the festival is catered for all ages as well as allowing us grownups to have a sit and chill out while the child in our group was having an absolute ball tearing around the huge pirate ship situated in the field.

We then decided to swing by the stone circle where a world record attempt was about to take place, this was for the world’s largest human peace sign. An impressive 15,000 people showed up which smashed the previous record by an approximate 10,000 and it was an inspiring moment to see everyone come together in what has been some challenging times for the nation and the world recently. I then headed out and purchased a little memento for my nephew, which was a fantastic illustrated map of the site done by artists Kate Chidley, these maps are wonderful and really encapsulate the Glastonbury spirit so I can’t recommend Kate’s work enough.

As some of the smaller stages were starting to open I took the opportunity to head over to The Avalon Café to check out Josephine And The Artizans who have previously featured on the blog so I was curious to see how their ‘Hip-Hopera’ style would transfer to the live setting. It’s safe to say I was far from disappointed with this tremendous set so I picked a great first band to see whose performance was driven along superbly by the incredible vocals of Josephine herself. They worked through plenty of tracks from their EP’s in addition to effortlessly making the amalgamation of contrasting genres work perfectly while thoroughly entertaining the decently sized crowd which had been attracted to this unique sound.

JATA               Josephine and The Artizans on The Avalon Café Stage.

I then re-joined my group as we payed the bandstand a visit to see the enigmatic Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip. Mik is a staple of the festival and made 12 separate appearances at this year’s festival so if you ever attend please go check him out as his observational humour and pure charisma ensures he always puts on a great show. Shortly after this I spent a few hours wondering around and decided to go and see what I thought to Napalm Death. The booking of this band was quite a big deal as the festival has often been accused of ignoring heavy metal so this was always going to spark interest and although I had a massive metal phase when I was younger I never really got into this band, however I enjoyed the few songs I saw but the stage was just too full so I left solely down to not being able to get a decent spot.

One venue I really wanted to see was Love Bullets which was being hosted by the famous club night Elrow that evening and I must say it was an absolute spectacle with a massive carnival atmosphere that really brought the party to The Glade area. As I was in the area I decided to visit the Glade stage for the ambient tones of The Orb, the huge sound system ensured the bass rattled right through your body in addition to an incredible light show which made me enjoy my time there more than I thought I would on this great setting hidden away in the trees.

I had planned on spending the rest of my evening in the Silver Hayes part of the festival however the huge crowd for Kolsch meant I was outside of the speaker perimeter causing sound levels to be low for where I was so I made a last-minute decision to head to the Stonebridge bar for drum & bass veterans Fabio & Grooverider (F&G). When I got to the venue there was a DJ called Madam X playing and she was in full swing spinning all kinds of lovely bass music and really getting the sizeable crowd moving. I was previously unaware of Madam X but I absolutely loved the tunes she was playing which made a pleasant surprise as well as introducing me to someone new which is never a bad thing. DJ Fabio then took to the decks for the first part of F&G’s set and he immediately got the crowd involved in a wondrous cacophony of hard hitting drum and bass tunes that vibrated through your body as well as bringing back fond memories of my days listening to Radio 1. I absolutely loved his set and although I considered hanging around for Grooveriders part of the set tiredness, alcohol and a long walk back to the tent made me reconsider this, hence drawing Thursday to a close.

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