The Mu-Tones-Slab City Records

mu tones

North West trio The Mu-Tones released their debut single Slab City Records on the 30th of June 2018 through Ugly Man Records. The intro of the track is driven by its brilliant, toe tapping inducing, bassline before going into a rabble-rousing chorus that gets you instantly singing along. Slab City Records follows the tried and tested formula of going from quiet to loud and this works supremely well throughout as well as having a distinctly ‘Northern’ sound, which is definitely not a bad thing. The Mu-Tones have put together a great track that also leaves you wanting more and I for one hope that this band will come up with a full length release I the not too distant future.


You can get the single here.


Thomas And The Empty Orchestra-Let Go

let go

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra is the music of Sheffield musician Thomas Matthew Bower and he has released his latest EP, Let Go, on the independent label Alya Records based in the same city.

Let Go is a truly heartfelt EP exploring a wide range of topics including love, loss, obsession and redemption while beginning on the wonderfully erstwhile In The Eaves. Time Runs Out For Narcissus manages to be full of bravado whilst also being deeply introspective, before the sombre Blood Moon (No Friend) continues the exemplary folk storytelling from this superbly talented musician. This short collection of four songs is brought to an end far too soon with the EP’s title track which is full of haunting melancholia, bringing this excellent record to a fitting conclusion.

Glass Mountain-Wow & Flutter

glass mountain.jpg

Bradford based band Glass Mountain released their latest EP, Wow & Flutter, on the independent label Hide & Seek Records earlier in the year.

Opening up with the majestic lead single Gin Flows Through My Veins, which builds up a sense of tension before building into an enthralling crescendo.  Wait All Alone has an intro featuring shimmering guitars that belie its introspectiveness before being followed up by wonderfully evocative Ghosts which has an epic sound that you can’t help but be enveloped by.  This excellent record is brought to an end by the understated and sombre Have To Lie featuring lyrics that only make you want to reach out more to this great band.

You can get the EP here.

Creep Show-Mr Dynamite

creep show

Creep Show brings together John Grant with the dark analogue electro of Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder /Phil Winter /Benge) to create Mr. Dynamite, a debut album packed with experimental pop and surreal funk, the album was released last Friday on the Bella Union label.


Mr. Dynamite kicks of with two previous singles one of which is the title track of the album in addition to Modern Parenting, take a retro minimalist, electro sound which surrounds you in their wonderful darkness.  Despite having a sound dipped in nostalgia Creep show manage to remain forward thinking on this thought provoking record so you never once think that the band are covering old ground.  Endangered Species really stands out as a highlight with its smooth, sleek synths which also sees the tone and direction of the album change there is also a very rare moment on the track where Grant takes on a falsetto.


Pink Squirrel shines as soon as you hear the opening beats and feels like an instant hit as well as emphasising how much Creep show are prepared to diversify and experiment with their superb synths throughout this outstanding record.  The album draws to a conclusion with its two longest tracks firstly the sublime Fall makes you feel like you’re journeying through a childhood video game before the epic Safe and Sound brings the album to a fitting climax, that can only leave you hopping to hear more from this project of talented musicians in the future.

You can get the album here.

Jon Meadows-Majestic 12

jon meadows

Liverpudlian musician Jon Meadows has released his second album, Majestic 12, on the independent Nub Music label.

Meadows was someone who I must admit I was unaware of so upon receiving the record I was looking forward to hearing it and the anthemic 1234 really sets the tone for this indie rock album.  There are also some more tender moments as can be heard on the acoustic and extremely evocative Standing There With Me.  Should Have been Mine is a truly terrific lo-fi garage rock tune and really stands out as a particular highlight which is quickly followed by the short but sharp Break Me In Again.

The dark yet infectious bassline of I’m A Woman Too looms over giving of a slight sense of foreboding throughout, when put together with its wonderful simplicity makes for a great track.  The brilliant fuzzy riffs of Days Like These are contrasted by the superb When The Rum Comes Out which features some of the heaviest moments of the album.  Majestic 12 is drawn to a conclusion by the excellent Velvet Sky which really rounds off this impressive record off in fine fashion.


Avalanche Party-Porcelain

avalanche party

Porcelain is the latest single from North Yorkshire band Avalanche Party and is yet another sublime release from the independent label Clue records. This pearler of a garage rock tune grabs your attention immediately with an intro that is absolutely to die for. Porcelain also sees the band blend psychedelia into their sound and the pure vociferousness of this track leaves me very hopeful of a full length following a couple of brilliant singles.

You can get the single here.

Piskie Sits-Arm Hurter


Piskie Sits now seem like virtual veterans having been around for a number of years under various line-ups and have released yet another superb single courtesy of the Philophobia Music label.  The band have now perfected their sound which is delightfully dipped in the 90’s alt-rock scene.  The track itself take its lo-fi sound to make an instant floor filler along with a chorus that gets straight into your head, making for yet another fine effort from the Wakefield band.

You can get the single here.