Georgia Fearn-Perfect on Paper

georgia fearn.jpg

Georgia Fearn is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Wales and she has released her debut album Perfect on Paper.

Opening track L’Amour is a piece of chamber pop perfection and ensures this record gets underway to a blinding beginning. Fearn manages to effortlessly cross between genres throughout the album as can be heard on the folky tones Misty Mae before going into the grandiose, Avant Garde Be Careful What You Wish For. Perfect on Paper also leaves time for some floor fillers in the form of tracks like Sharp Objects which has a hook that draws you immediately in leaving you longing for more.

The album’s title track emphasises the lyrical and vocal maturity that features heavily on this well-crafted pop record. You are also taken through a whole whirlwind of emotions on the pic journey that is Perfect on Paper and nothing quite tugs at the heartstrings like the yearning, piano led Emptiness which is full of sorrow yet somehow leaves with the remnants of what feels like hope. This record really is a fine debut effort and I would be very interested in hearing how Georgia Fearn will develop her sound in the future as well as looking forward to any upcoming releases from this talented teenager.

You can get the album here.


Chloe Juliette Beswick-Popwitch



Wakefield’s Chloe Juliette Beswick has released the album, Popwitch on independent record label Philophobia Music.

The hauntingly atmospheric Intro leads superbly into the wonderful lo-fi shoegazey tone Apocalypse Eyes which immediate puts this record onto a pedestal from which it does not return. Beswick also displays she is far more than a one trick pony and is able to cross between genres with ease on the brilliant Roses which is full of breezy indie pop guitars that allows you to lose yourself in its undeniable charm.

Popwitch also contains a raw, emotiveness which can be heard on the slowed down, blissful track Treeface that surrounds you in a cocoon of sumptuousness. The hypnotic vocals really soar on this record and really help in taking tracks like Little Rooms before the brilliantly brooding slow burner Covered in Hate brings this excellent album from a uber talented musician to an end.

You can get the album here.

Violet Disguise-Bones


Halifax band Violet Disguise have self-released their latest single, Bones and although it came out last year it is only a recent discovery to myself. The track is an excellently crafted lo-fi tune, which along with the bands DIY ethos are two things which I absolutely love which any long-time readers will be more than aware of. As soon as I hear the garage rock guitars of the intro to Bones I knew that Violet Disguise were truly a band that I wanted to get behind. The heartfelt vocals on the chorus combine with some glorious melodies to really take this track to another level whilst also giving it a sound that could easily be an instant indie hit. Since hearing Bones I’ve learnt that the band have had a couple of members leave so I really hope they can work something out that will enable them to release more material in the future.

Josephine and The Artizans-HipHopera: Act III


London band Josephine and The Artizans (JATA) continue their ‘HipHopera’ saga with the release of the third EP in what is proving to be an extremely successful series of records. HipHopera: Act III is another fine example of how the band manage to seamlessly fuse hip hop and opera together, as well as featuring some inspiring, soaring vocals that can be heard on opening track If You Want Peace. JATA also tackle contemporary issues for young people such as finances on tracks like Vitae before the instantly recognisable intro of Loyalty¬ which is taken from a famous Bach composition. The catchy hooks on Second Nature ensures you get into this tune straight away as well as seeing the band hit quite a poppy moment, which draws this fabulous EP to a fitting conclusion.

You can get the EP here.

Benjamin Shaw-Terrible Feelings

b shaw.jpg

Terrible Feelings is the latest single taken from Benjamin Shaw’s soon to be released album, Megadead, coming out via Audi Antihero. The first half of the song sees Shaw produce a visceral, in your face noise before his trademark lo-fi vocals come in, however as the noise fades away we are left with the gentle tones of his voice accompanied by some illicit guitar chords, bring a comforting familiarity with it. Unsurprisingly Shaw has put together yet another excellent track leaving me anticipating yet more fine material from himself and Audio Antihero.

You can get the single here.

Mi Mye-Your Left Side

Mi Mye

West Yorkshire band Mi Mye have just released their Latest single, Your Left Side, taken from the forthcoming album The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force Causes the Rain, due out at the end of September. Originally starting out as the solo project of Scottish songwriter Jamie Lockhart Mi Mye has since grown and developed into a settled group of musicians. The track itself is wonderfully wistful whilst also containing a poignancy that immediately draws you to its core. Despite the obvious melancholia within Your Left Side there is also an underlying joyfulness that sneaks up and sweeps you away unexpectedly. The out of time loops sublimely accompany the soft, soothing vocals which make for yet another brilliant tune from Mi Mye from what I’m sure what will be another a great album.

You can pre-order the album here.

Young Creatures-Something I Don’t Know



Los Angeles trio Young Creatures are set to release their latest single Something I don’t Know. The wistful intro of the track leads you superbly into the smooth and emotive vocals that are a highlight for the duration of the song. During the first half of the song the guitars follow a distinctly understated tone before they reach a breakdown where the band hit some psych notes showing how well they can cross genres. Listening to Something I Don’t Know also made me search through the bands back catalogue which is highly impressive whilst also leaving me very hopeful for any future material from Young Creatures.

You can check out Young Creatures here.