My Sad Captains-Sun Bridge

my sad


London’s My Sad Captains have released their fourth album, Sun Bridge, which is also the second record they have released since signing to the Bella Union label.


Following line-up changes since their last album you can distinctly hear a more expanded sound from My Sad Captains of which opening track, Early Rivers is a fine example in addition to acting as a brilliant pre- cursor for the rest of the record.  The band revert more to type on the sublime Everything at the End of Everything, which is dipped in krautrock while still clinging on to its pop sensibilities.  The melodic Don’t Listen to Your Heart has some glorious harmonies that flow wonderfully through this great track that sees the band head into almost ballad territory. 


Curtain Calls can quite simply be described as a beautiful moment on the album as it swoons gloriously through a more understated yet perfect tune.  My Sad Captains also dip their feet into soundscapes and psychedelia on the excellent New Sun which sees the band further develop their sound which really sees them take on new life on this record.  The smooth and slow burning Relive ensure that this encapsulating record draws to a natural conclusion and it was fantastic to hear how My Sad Captain seem to be evolving through time.

You can get the album here.


Cave Wars-Panthers

cave wars

Cave Wars have followed up their brilliant self-titled debut album with, Panthers yet another superb album from the band which they have also released and recorded their selves.

The band continue where they left off with a sound full of an 80’s influence as can be heard on the slow burning, opening track Sandbox.  Cave Wars take on a grittier sound on the sublime 1990’s which features enthralling synths which are punctuated by some wonderfully understated vocals.  The slightly more upbeat tones of Drawings contrast the lyrical content brilliantly to give of a sense of foreboding that looms over you.

Cave Wars also display great versatility throughout the record as can be heard on Making A Mess which sees them make a perfect three minute pop song.  I can’t pick a bad tune on Panthers however Tea & Coffee particularly stands out with its dark tones and brooding nature.  The record is rounded off superbly with Hang The Dancers which sounds like it could have come straight out of a sci-fi movie from the 80’s, taking me straight back to my youth.

You can get the album here.


Happy Sadness-EP 1 ½

happy sadness

Happy Sadness is the solo project of musician Jason Brown and he has recently self-released his latest EP.  The record sees Brown take an alternative take on traditional genres as can be heard on opening track, Desert Eyes, which has a great psychedelic feel to it.  The EP is titled as such as the three tracks on it were previously recorded but have now been reworked to great effect as can be heard on the more up tempo It’s Loud.  Concluding track Wishing Well sees Happy Sadness take o  yet another sound with its sublime shoegazey intro before developing into a rousing tune that rounds things off brilliantly.

You can get the EP here.


Too Many T’s-South City

too many t's

London Hip Hop duo Too Many T’s have release their debut album, South City, which has been two years in the making. With five years of gigs, EP’s and mixtapes behind them Too Many T’s have got Odjbox and Flux Pavillion in on production to make sure this record continues from their previous fine form.

Opening track South City Court jumps straight into the old school hip hop sound that Too Many T’s have become associated and is a great way to commence proceedings. The second single to be taken from the album was Hang Tight, for which they filmed the UK’s first live music video over Facebook and the track itself flows brilliantly with an almost funk sound to it. Live Favourite Diamonds Gold (Ice, white and black) transfers remarkably well to the recorded sound in addition to being a fine example of the humour that Too Many T’s contain within their lyrics.

1992 pt.3 is a continuation of previous tracks that have been on the groups EP’s, and sees them take on a grittier sound before jumping into a bouncy chorus that contrast each other superbly. One of my favourite songs on the album is Panther which sees Too Many T’s delve more into the dance genre whilst also giving off a sense of freedom, as well as showing they are certainly no one dimensional artists. Tearing Us Apart sees traditional hip hop and smooth R & B sounds combined to wonderful effect as these factors allow this sing along track to soar.

Lead single God Save The T’s absolutely epitomises the Too Many T’s sound full of huge bass and beats as well as some crazy mic skills that bring back memories of acts such as the Beastie Boys. The intro to Start The Fire has an ominous tone to it before diving into an all-out banger which makes for a perfect way to end a truly exceptional record, the only thing I could say is that I hope Too Many T’s don’t make us wait another five years for album number two.

You can get the album here.

DJ Vadim & Blackstone-Lost Without You

DJ vadim


DJ and producer DJ Vadim has teamed up with vocalist to record a forthcoming album from which the single Lost Without You has come from.  The track itself is a cover of a Robin Thicke song, however the duo have given it a completely new lease of life and have more than made it their own.  Vadim takes the traditional jazz chords of the original and adds his minimalist beats to it and when combined with Blackstone’s sumptuous vocals makes for a true gem of a tune.  This talented pairing really have set the bar high for the album, Double Sided, which is due to be released next month on BBE Records.

Check out the BBE shop here.

Tiny Magnetic Pets-Deluxe/Debris

tiny magnetic pest


Irish trio Tiny Magnetic Pets, who are named after a collectable Japanese Toy, have released their latest album, Deluxe/Debris on the independent Happy Robots Records label.


The record is full of moments of electropop mastery, kicking off with the superb Lost My Guiding Light which glimmers gloriously throughout as well as really set an exciting tone for Deluxe/Debris.  Next up is the epic Semaphore which comes in at over eleven minutes long, however this tune is an undoubted highlight and manages to encapsulate your attention making time fly by in a flash.  Tiny Magnetic Pets also show they are more than capable of bringing it down a notch or two on the brooding, melancholic Cold War Neon that holds a distinct beauty within its fragility.


All Yesterday’s Tomorrows somehow seems to effortlessly glide from industrial beats into serene keys that when accompanied by some exceptional vocals allow this track to truly shine.  You can also hear influences from bands such as Portishead on tracks like the slow burning which swirls beautifully around you.  This absolutely enthralling album finishes up with an all-out pop tune in the form of Never Alone, which also features the second guest appearance on the record of ex Kraftwerk Wolfgang Flur.  I really can’t recommend Deluxe/Debris highly enough and it’s an album that really has to be heard in its entirety to appreciate, in addition to making me check out Tiny Magnetic Pets’ back catalogue which also more than worth a listen.

You can get the album here.

Rocky Wood-Enough

rocky woodRocky Wood are a Swiss/American quintet who have released their latest single, Enough, taken from their forthcoming EP set to be brought out on the On The Camper Records label. The track itself sees the band take an off-kilter take on pop music, on this smooth, melodic tune that floats around you like a dream. The band allow the listener to effortlessly drift away and you can hear tones similar to that of bands such as The XX which only leaves me waiting in anticipation to hear the full EP.

You can pre-order the EP here.