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Avalanche Party-Porcelain

avalanche party

Porcelain is the latest single from North Yorkshire band Avalanche Party and is yet another sublime release from the independent label Clue records. This pearler of a garage rock tune grabs your attention immediately with an intro that is absolutely to die for. Porcelain also sees the band blend psychedelia into their sound and the pure vociferousness of this track leaves me very hopeful of a full length following a couple of brilliant singles.

You can get the single here.


Avalanche Party-I’m So Wet

Avalanche party

Hailing from the North Yorkshire Moors, Avalanche Party are the latest signings to Clue Records and have made their single, I’m So Wet available courtesy of the independent label.  As is now expected from anything brought out by Clue Records this is yet another barnstorming track from a band that I already can’t wait to hear more from.  This sublime garage rock tune firmly roots itself in psychedelia in addition to guitars that swirl around the chorus that looms fascinatingly over you.  I’m So Wet then builds into a track that leaves you with such a sense of urgency that made me go find out about this band as well as making me truly excited to her more from Avalanche Party.

You can get the single here.

Clue Club-Fighting Caravans/Colour of Spring

clue club

Independent label Clue Records have started 2017 off by introducing their new monthly subscription service Clue Club.  There will also be a single released by a different act each month, as well as there being ‘zine created by said act available to subscribers as well as a whole host of other goodies such as t-shirts and a compilation CD featuring all of the releases that will be a part of Clue Club.  The first release as part of this monthly records club will be the split AA-Side from Leeds bands Fighting Caravans and Colour of Spring.

The opening track is, It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair), from Fighting Caravans who having toured extensively have gained a reputation as an explosive live band which sees their shows full of the unexpected which keeps the audience captivated.  Full of encapsulating melodies that swoop through the song in addition to fierce lyrical content which takes hold of you making this brilliant tune absolutely fly by.  When accompanied by the sublime sounds the band put together It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair) ensures that Clue Club would be well worth subscribing too.

Up next is Colour Of Springs offering, Frail, yet another great find from clue featuring a brilliant opening riff that dives straight into the heart breaking vocals that gives this song a real anthemic feel.  There’s more than a touch of shoegaze to Frail, which is a truly exceptional tune that builds and builds until it reaches a climatic wall of sound.  On the back of this AA-Side it’s easy to tell that Clue have done it again and released a couple of belters that make Clue Club, coming in at under thirty pounds, well worth subscribing to.

You can get the AA-Side here



SUNFACE is the solo project of Daniel Longmore, from the band Trash, and he has returned with his latest release, courtesy of Clue Records, following up from last year’s acclaimed debut EP.

The EP kicks off with lead single Stay Happy, a delightful tune that swoons along beautifully as well as being more than ably aided by the sumptuous tones of Abby Bettz.  The jangly guitars of I’m Not Always Sad sees Longmore really wear his heart on his sleeve and shows that less is sometimes more in terms of words on this fine track.  Melt does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you a feeling of melting away whilst listening to this dreamy, indie pop number.

Longmore says ‘Silver Lining is about fancying the fuck out of somebody’ which does seem to be the perfect description of yet another piece of mastery from this accomplished singer/songwriter.  The lo-fi recording of this EP really does add to its charm and can be heard on the wonderfully introspective Two Things that draw this thoroughly enjoyable record to a close.

You can get the EP here.


Forever Cult-See Thru


After a long delay due to various incidents over the past few months Impropaganda is finally back and we’re going to catch up with a few bits from the end of last year to start with. Forever Cult released the single See Thru on the fantastic Clue Records, the track itself is some brilliant understated punk pop that we’ve become accustomed to from this talented band. With is extremely catchy hooks and angst ridden vocals See Thru leaves you wanting more, which leaves you waiting in keen anticipation or their forthcoming EP.

Although the cassette for the single was only available on their tour there is still a few copies available from Clue Records, where you can also download the track too.

Matt Hill

Trash-Urban Glow


Trash have release their EP Urban Glow courtesy of Clue Records who have added this great band to add to their already highly impressive roster.  The record kicks off with a quick intro that leads into previous single, 4 Miles a wonderfully melodic indie pop gem.  The dreamy Drift is quickly followed by the EP’s title track which has an uplifting tone to it whilst also dealing with a darker subject matter that gives it a great bittersweet feel.  This sublime EP ends on the more understated Sad Boys (All I Wanna Do) which rounds off this record in superb fashion and leaves you wanting more from this exciting band.

Matt Hill

You can get the EP here.

Forever Cult-Yasmin/OceanOceanOcean

forever cult

Fresh on the back on summer appearances at the Reading and Leeds festivals, West Yorkshire’s Forever Cult release this double A-Side single courtesy of Clue Records. Opening track Yasmin gets you from the off with its excellent gravelly vocals accompanied by sublime guitars that paired together make for a superb opening. OceanOceanOcean is a much more mellow and dreamy affair that offers a nice contrast as well as displaying the varying talents of the exciting Forever Cult.

Matt Hill

You can download the single here.