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Piskie Sits-Arm Hurter


Piskie Sits now seem like virtual veterans having been around for a number of years under various line-ups and have released yet another superb single courtesy of the Philophobia Music label.  The band have now perfected their sound which is delightfully dipped in the 90’s alt-rock scene.  The track itself take its lo-fi sound to make an instant floor filler along with a chorus that gets straight into your head, making for yet another fine effort from the Wakefield band.

You can get the single here.


The Do’s-W.T.F

The Do's

The latest offering from Wakefield duo The Do’s comes in the form of the single W.T.F, released on the independent label Philophobia Music.  Full of menacing and fuzzy guitars, that has become a trademark of this extremely talented band, the track itself sees them keep up the fine form that has been demonstrated on previous releases.  The chorus breaks into a glorious cacophony of noise that leaves you surprised that two people can make such a racket in addition to leaving you with the hope that W.T.F could be a teaser to a full-length record in the future.

You can get the single here.

One Day, After School-The Invisible Anchor

one day after school


One Day, After School (ODAS), began life as Wakefield musician Dean Freemans solo project which has since developed into a full band which now seems to have found a settled line-up.  Having released various singles and EP’s in the past ODAS have now released their debut album, The Invisible Anchor, on Philophobia Music.  ODAS describe themselves as Post Everything I’ll try to steer away from too many post rock/punk references as the band have quite clearly stated this for me.


Opener Deepsleep’s pounding beat drives through this instrumental track full of swirling guitars as well as understated keys, which combine for an exhilarating start to proceedings.  21st Century Winters somehow manages to breeze effortlessly through the quiet/loud contrast which leads nicely into latest single Hammer & Anvil a brooding tune which stays with you long after its conclusion.  The progression of ODAS’ sound can be acutely heard on tracks such as Arc which leads you into a false sense of security before building into a crescendo that is rapidly followed by the album’s title track which sees the band revert towards their sound on previous releases showcasing how much variety The Invisible Anchor carries.


It’s hard to see that the title of, When I loved Music, Everything Was New, isn’t reference to the recycling of bands influences in music which is inevitable, however the virtuosity displayed on the guitars make for a standout moment on the record.  The somewhat muffled tones of Becoming Dust make for a shoegaze feel leading into the swooning beginnings of For Coca Cola which builds up into a wall of sound and feedback.  The Invisible Anchor continues its rich vein of form with There Is Nothing For You Here which features the quiet and loud balance that ODAS seem to hit so well before being brought to a fitting end by the exquisite Escape Notes which is about as close to punk rock as the band gets.


Although it has been a long time in the make ODAS’ debut album was worth the wait and it somehow manages to leave you with hope despite the occasional post fatalism feel it has as well as leaving you longing for a shorter wait for album number 2.   

You can get the album here.

Dark Horse-Shot Down

Dark Horse

The excellent Philophobia Music have unearthed another gem, the superb Shot Down EP from Dark Horse, the new project of Wakefield musician Matt Knee featuring Rosie Doonan on vocals.  Opening track, Dark Horse really highlights the greatness of Doonan’s vocals which they continue to be throughout the record, however it as about the music too and Knee doesn’t let us down with some wonderfully crafted tunes. 


Although there is a strong retro theme on Shot Down it manages to keep its own sound as can be heard on Autumn which has a groove to die for as well as harbouring a truly infectious making it an unadulterated pop moment.  The record ends with its title track which really stands out for me with guitars verging on psychedelia without stepping away from the folk sensibilities that Dark Horse have demonstrated.  I highly recommend this EP and the only issue is that at three tracks it is way too short which definitely leaves you hanging on for more so I can’t wait to hear more from them.

You can get the EP here


Piskie Sits-Stick and Twist


Wakefield based band Piskie Sits return with their third album, Stick and Twist, courtesy of the local independent label, Philophobia Music.

The band have featured on here in the past and they still no disappoint with their spectacular brand of lo-fi indie music. Opening track If You Listen To Me kicks off with a beat that entices you into the track before hitting you with some emotive vocals on the chorus that gets this record off to the perfect start. The melodic Guitar Anti-Hero is one of the bands more poppy moments, a tune that has a swooning feel to it, while the rousing Doctors & Nurses quickly followed by the beautifully introspective Ffactions shows the versatility of the talented Piskie Sits.

There is a distinct lack of filler on this record which makes it a thoroughly enjoyable listen which is highlighted on tracks like Knowing You, Knowing You which is rife with catchy hooks that couldn’t fail to get anyone moving. The sublimely understated Who Do You Love leaves you with a sense of yearning, which is then contrasted by the rip roaring Us Three that features a riff that goes straight through you. Stick and Twist really is a brilliant album that passes far too quickly, however Piskie Sits do manage to bring proceedings to a wonderful conclusion with a lovely subtle touch on Been Lucky.

Matt Hill

You can get the record along with loads of other great stuff from Philophobia.

Yard Wars-Death To Western HIFI

a3091462151yard wars_2

Wakefield band have released their debut album, Death To Western HIFI, on the Philophobia Music label.

Opening track Deadlight Dance (Of The Ill Survivors) sets the tone for the record with some wonderfully soothing indie pop tones. The self-deprecating yet superb Baby I’m Bullshit swoons majestically before being followed by the incredibly catchy Horse. Next up is Here Come The Pleasure Punx which has a great distorted intro before dropping into a bit of a lull which then builds up into a psych rock barnstormer.

The poignant Sad Surfer has a distinct stateside sound to it as well as being reminiscent of bands such as Weezer. Same Kinda Lonely and Bad Comedians are a pair of fine indie pop tunes that are another fine example of the talents of Yard Wars. Overall Death To Western HIFI is a truly excellent album which is rounded off fantastically by the engaging Death To Western Hivemind.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.

The Sunbeams-The Sunbeams


Featherstone’s The Sunbeams are set to release their self-titled, debut EP courtesy of the fantastic independent label Philophobia Music. The record kicks off with Hit Me With It which has a brilliant chorus that really sets the tone for this superb EP. How To Start A Hurricane is full of catchy hooks and The Secret continues the extremely addictive and melodic post punk that The sunbeams have created. The lo-fi, fuzzy guitars combined with the great shout along vocals on Millstone draws a exciting, debut record to a fitting conclusion.

Matt Hill

You can get the EP here.