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Yard Wars-Death To Western HIFI

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Wakefield band have released their debut album, Death To Western HIFI, on the Philophobia Music label.

Opening track Deadlight Dance (Of The Ill Survivors) sets the tone for the record with some wonderfully soothing indie pop tones. The self-deprecating yet superb Baby I’m Bullshit swoons majestically before being followed by the incredibly catchy Horse. Next up is Here Come The Pleasure Punx which has a great distorted intro before dropping into a bit of a lull which then builds up into a psych rock barnstormer.

The poignant Sad Surfer has a distinct stateside sound to it as well as being reminiscent of bands such as Weezer. Same Kinda Lonely and Bad Comedians are a pair of fine indie pop tunes that are another fine example of the talents of Yard Wars. Overall Death To Western HIFI is a truly excellent album which is rounded off fantastically by the engaging Death To Western Hivemind.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.