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Dead Slow Hoot-No Reunions

dead slowSheffield four-piece Dead Slow Hoot have released their debut album, No Reunions, via independent label Philophobia Music.

No Reunions opens up with the tender, melancholic tones of Each Day Disaster with superbly sets a theme of poignancy which runs throughout this record. The intro to Hysterical Strength has a much more traditional rock feel to it, however the raw, emotive vocals still soar on this brilliant track before you’re hit with the sucker punch that is the beautifully mesmerising and yearning An Island Keen to Float.

The wonderfully brooding and introspective Below is a real slow burner that by the end of its five-minute duration has truly encapsulated as well as leaving you hanging on for more. The albums title track is a perfect example how although Dead Slow Hoot’s music is tinged in sadness that they still leave you with an extreme sense of hope. The smooth, illicit tones of Returning to Ruin round off this sublime album in excellent fashion, while also leaving you feeling there could be great times ahead for this band.

You can get the album here.


Black Ribbon-Strobe

black ribbon.jpg

Black Ribbon is the latest project from Tim Metcalfe who has previously released material under various guises, as well as being part of several band. This record sees Metcalfe team up with the independent label Philophobia Music, of which he has been a stalwart since the label’s incarnation 10 years ago.

As soon as the screeching industrial synths of opening track, Receiver kick in you know your instantly onto a winner with this album before the darker, more brooding tones of Cowboy can’t help but remind you of Trent Reznor in his heyday. The infectious beat of tracks like Surveillance is a recurring theme throughout Strobe, the tune immediately lodges itself in your head before building into a rousing finale.

The distorted synths and guitars of Plug X make this a must hear, stand out tune that despite coming in at over six minutes long, I for one would have happily had it carry on for twice as long. Although I have spoken about how Strobe is dipped in nostalgia Black Ribbon do more than a good enough job of giving it a modern twist as can be heard on the understated, melancholic Cop Slang. This album really sounds like it could soundtrack a video game from my youth especially on album closer, Tulsa which feels like your preparing to face an end level boss, while also concluding what is truly an exceptional record.

You can get the album here.

Chloe Juliette Beswick-Popwitch



Wakefield’s Chloe Juliette Beswick has released the album, Popwitch on independent record label Philophobia Music.

The hauntingly atmospheric Intro leads superbly into the wonderful lo-fi shoegazey tone Apocalypse Eyes which immediate puts this record onto a pedestal from which it does not return. Beswick also displays she is far more than a one trick pony and is able to cross between genres with ease on the brilliant Roses which is full of breezy indie pop guitars that allows you to lose yourself in its undeniable charm.

Popwitch also contains a raw, emotiveness which can be heard on the slowed down, blissful track Treeface that surrounds you in a cocoon of sumptuousness. The hypnotic vocals really soar on this record and really help in taking tracks like Little Rooms before the brilliantly brooding slow burner Covered in Hate brings this excellent album from a uber talented musician to an end.

You can get the album here.

Mi Mye-Your Left Side

Mi Mye

West Yorkshire band Mi Mye have just released their Latest single, Your Left Side, taken from the forthcoming album The Mountain forces the Future, and the Force Causes the Rain, due out at the end of September. Originally starting out as the solo project of Scottish songwriter Jamie Lockhart Mi Mye has since grown and developed into a settled group of musicians. The track itself is wonderfully wistful whilst also containing a poignancy that immediately draws you to its core. Despite the obvious melancholia within Your Left Side there is also an underlying joyfulness that sneaks up and sweeps you away unexpectedly. The out of time loops sublimely accompany the soft, soothing vocals which make for yet another brilliant tune from Mi Mye from what I’m sure what will be another a great album.

You can pre-order the album here.

Piskie Sits-Arm Hurter


Piskie Sits now seem like virtual veterans having been around for a number of years under various line-ups and have released yet another superb single courtesy of the Philophobia Music label.  The band have now perfected their sound which is delightfully dipped in the 90’s alt-rock scene.  The track itself take its lo-fi sound to make an instant floor filler along with a chorus that gets straight into your head, making for yet another fine effort from the Wakefield band.

You can get the single here.

The Passing Fancy-The Passed EP

passing fancy.jpg

The Passed is the latest EP from The Passing Fancy, the solo project of Wakefield based musician Paul Bateson.  Kicking off with the reflective yet bouncy All I Wanna Do (Is Get Drunk Today), which instantly makes you want to be down the pub singing along to the chorus.  Beer & Wine (I’ll Be Fine) screams of heartbreak, pulling at your heartstrings while also seeing a great take on traditional folk music by accompanying some wonderful strings along with guitars that meld together perfectly.  The Passing Fancy then jump into a short sharp burst of garage rock on Let Me Know (Or Let Me Go) which sees a change in direction for them all be it a good one.  Despite coming in at less than six minutes the EP is splendidly put together and with the promise of new music for later in the year it leaves me looking forward to hearing more from The Passing Fancy.

You can get the EP here.

The Do’s-W.T.F

The Do's

The latest offering from Wakefield duo The Do’s comes in the form of the single W.T.F, released on the independent label Philophobia Music.  Full of menacing and fuzzy guitars, that has become a trademark of this extremely talented band, the track itself sees them keep up the fine form that has been demonstrated on previous releases.  The chorus breaks into a glorious cacophony of noise that leaves you surprised that two people can make such a racket in addition to leaving you with the hope that W.T.F could be a teaser to a full-length record in the future.

You can get the single here.