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Avalanche Party-I’m So Wet

Avalanche party

Hailing from the North Yorkshire Moors, Avalanche Party are the latest signings to Clue Records and have made their single, I’m So Wet available courtesy of the independent label.  As is now expected from anything brought out by Clue Records this is yet another barnstorming track from a band that I already can’t wait to hear more from.  This sublime garage rock tune firmly roots itself in psychedelia in addition to guitars that swirl around the chorus that looms fascinatingly over you.  I’m So Wet then builds into a track that leaves you with such a sense of urgency that made me go find out about this band as well as making me truly excited to her more from Avalanche Party.

You can get the single here.


The Black Delta Movement-Seven Circles

the black delta movement

The Black Delta Movement are a five-piece band from Hull who have their roots firmly planted in a psychedelic and garage rock sound.  The band formed back in 2010 and have released the Seven Circles EP which acts as a taster to what they’re all about as well as this they are currently embarking on a European tour across the continent.

The EP kicks off with its title track that fits comfortably into the psych rock bracket that has a great breakdown that allows the track to have a feeling of improvisation towards the end.  Charlie Don’t Surf is more of a slow burner that allows its constant pounding beat to drive it along, whilst giving some excellent vocals a platform to shine.  The long, drawn out Southlands is accompanied by some brilliantly subtle guitar parts that add depth to this song before building to a triumphant climax full of feedback that brings Seven Circles to a fitting conclusion.

You can get the EP here

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Secret Tongues-Glass Beach

Secret Tongues

Secret Tongues are a new band from London formed in 2016, there is a certain air of mystery about the band as they only have a couple of songs to date.  Glass Beach begins with a smooth, flowing intro that goes nicely into a short and sharp burst of some great guitars that are over before you know it.  The understated vocals really round it off to make a great tune that is also accompanied by a trippy video that is not to be missed.  There are a couple more tracks to hear on the bands SoundCloud page that fall somewhere between psychedelia and garage rock that make for an intriguing sound as well as leaving you looking forward to hearing more from this Secret Tongues.

You can check out Secret Tongues here.


Future Lover-Dead Soul Dagger

future lover

Future Lover is the project of the immensely talented Indianapolis musician, Colin Lime who writes, records and produces all the music with occasional contributions from some of his friends.  Dead Soul Dagger is the first I had heard of Future Lover and is the lead single from the forthcoming album Reverb Tales.  The track itself has its roots firmly set in psychedelic and is a wonderfully crafted tune that flows brilliantly with some sweet guitars as well as Lime’s illicit tones.  Dead Soul Dagger builds up to a sublime finale which leaves you wishing there wasn’t a wait for the upcoming full length release which I am certainly eager to check out.

You can check out the track here.


Kassassin Street-The Royal Handkerchief Ballet

kassassin street

Southsea band Kassassin Street have released their debut single The Royal Handkerchief Ballet. Despite following an indie rock format at times there is a definite hint of psychedelia there, reminiscent of bands such as The Music and Kula Shaker. With great riffs and some highly impressive single this first taster from Kassassin Street fills you up with lots of promise from this talented band.

Matt Hill

You can get the single here.