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SUNFACE is the solo project of Daniel Longmore, from the band Trash, and he has returned with his latest release, courtesy of Clue Records, following up from last year’s acclaimed debut EP.

The EP kicks off with lead single Stay Happy, a delightful tune that swoons along beautifully as well as being more than ably aided by the sumptuous tones of Abby Bettz.  The jangly guitars of I’m Not Always Sad sees Longmore really wear his heart on his sleeve and shows that less is sometimes more in terms of words on this fine track.  Melt does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you a feeling of melting away whilst listening to this dreamy, indie pop number.

Longmore says ‘Silver Lining is about fancying the fuck out of somebody’ which does seem to be the perfect description of yet another piece of mastery from this accomplished singer/songwriter.  The lo-fi recording of this EP really does add to its charm and can be heard on the wonderfully introspective Two Things that draw this thoroughly enjoyable record to a close.

You can get the EP here.



Piskie Sits-Stick and Twist


Wakefield based band Piskie Sits return with their third album, Stick and Twist, courtesy of the local independent label, Philophobia Music.

The band have featured on here in the past and they still no disappoint with their spectacular brand of lo-fi indie music. Opening track If You Listen To Me kicks off with a beat that entices you into the track before hitting you with some emotive vocals on the chorus that gets this record off to the perfect start. The melodic Guitar Anti-Hero is one of the bands more poppy moments, a tune that has a swooning feel to it, while the rousing Doctors & Nurses quickly followed by the beautifully introspective Ffactions shows the versatility of the talented Piskie Sits.

There is a distinct lack of filler on this record which makes it a thoroughly enjoyable listen which is highlighted on tracks like Knowing You, Knowing You which is rife with catchy hooks that couldn’t fail to get anyone moving. The sublimely understated Who Do You Love leaves you with a sense of yearning, which is then contrasted by the rip roaring Us Three that features a riff that goes straight through you. Stick and Twist really is a brilliant album that passes far too quickly, however Piskie Sits do manage to bring proceedings to a wonderful conclusion with a lovely subtle touch on Been Lucky.

Matt Hill

You can get the record along with loads of other great stuff from Philophobia.

Toons-Grumpy Beach


Brooklyn’s lo-fi garage rockers EP Grumpy Beach has been released by the independent label Very Gun Records. The EP kicks off with the title track, a great tune that sets the tone for this fine record. There’s a couple of tracks that have a definite Pavement sound to them, especially the enigmatic Born2shop which is a particular highlight of the EP. The more laid back and melodic Lost and Found is followed up by the superb Watch Me Change a riotous punk rock affair that is a fitting way to draw this record to a close.

Matt Hill

You can get the EP here.

Soulmates Never Die-Nothing Hurt, Everything Was Beautiful


This latest EP from Leeds based singer/songwriter Joshua McCarthy, AKA Soulmates Never Die is a truly awe inspiring collection of wonderful songs. Opening track Kyss Kyss sets the tone for the record with a great guitar line that really dives the song along at an excellent pace. The upbeat melodies of the sublime Boku-Maru can’t help but put a smile on your face as well as being one of the stand out moments on this fantastic EP. The emotive God Bless Rabo Karabekian! is followed up the great lo-fi track Two Lovers Tussling Tenderly Between Two Trees, which draws Nothing Hurt, Everything Was Beautiful to a fine conclusion.

Matt Hill

You can get the EP here.