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Josephine and The Artizans-HipHopera: Act III


London band Josephine and The Artizans (JATA) continue their ‘HipHopera’ saga with the release of the third EP in what is proving to be an extremely successful series of records. HipHopera: Act III is another fine example of how the band manage to seamlessly fuse hip hop and opera together, as well as featuring some inspiring, soaring vocals that can be heard on opening track If You Want Peace. JATA also tackle contemporary issues for young people such as finances on tracks like Vitae before the instantly recognisable intro of Loyalty¬ which is taken from a famous Bach composition. The catchy hooks on Second Nature ensures you get into this tune straight away as well as seeing the band hit quite a poppy moment, which draws this fabulous EP to a fitting conclusion.

You can get the EP here.


Josephine And The Artizans-Hip-Hopera: Act Two


Josephine And The Artizans (JATA) are a London based band, formed by the enigmatic Josephine Permaul, who fuse classical music alongside hip hop to startling results.  Hip-Hopera: Act Two is the latest EP in a sequence of highly impressive releases from this group which sees them continue going from strength to strength.

I first came across JATA a while ago and to be honest I was sceptical on the bands concept however it’s tracks like the EP opener, What It Takes, that proves any doubts I ever had.  Invictus quickly follows with an infectious intro which verges on 80’s synth pop before delving into the contrasting rap and operatic vocals that manage to compliment each other so well.  This short but sweet record concludes with If I Lose Control which features some elegant strings that help this harmonious track flow smoothly throughout as well as emphasising the versatility of this unique band.

You can check out the band here.