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Avalanche Party-Porcelain

avalanche party

Porcelain is the latest single from North Yorkshire band Avalanche Party and is yet another sublime release from the independent label Clue records. This pearler of a garage rock tune grabs your attention immediately with an intro that is absolutely to die for. Porcelain also sees the band blend psychedelia into their sound and the pure vociferousness of this track leaves me very hopeful of a full length following a couple of brilliant singles.

You can get the single here.


Avalanche Party-I’m So Wet

Avalanche party

Hailing from the North Yorkshire Moors, Avalanche Party are the latest signings to Clue Records and have made their single, I’m So Wet available courtesy of the independent label.  As is now expected from anything brought out by Clue Records this is yet another barnstorming track from a band that I already can’t wait to hear more from.  This sublime garage rock tune firmly roots itself in psychedelia in addition to guitars that swirl around the chorus that looms fascinatingly over you.  I’m So Wet then builds into a track that leaves you with such a sense of urgency that made me go find out about this band as well as making me truly excited to her more from Avalanche Party.

You can get the single here.