Savage Mansion-Revision Ballads


Revision Ballads is the debut album from Savage Mansion AKA as the irrepressible Craig Angus, who started out making music as Poor Things and is heavily involved in the Glasgow DIY scene. The album has been released by the brilliant independent label Lost Map Records which is home to some enthralling artists so Savage Mansion are certainly in great company here.

Savage Mansion have provided us with a wonderfully melodic album as can be heard throughout Revision Ballads, especially on opener Bring Down The City Hall which perfectly sets the theme for this record, before moving onto the superb No Flags which despite only lasting two minutes contains a bassline that immediately gets into your head. The album is also full of clever subtleties like on the deceptively easy-going Nudist Beach which on closer inspection is about the confrontation of a childhood tormentor.

The second half of Revision Ballads begins with four short songs that come in at a duration of less than ten minutes giving of a sense of urgency which makes for a stark and enthralling contrast to some of the laid-back musicianship on the album. Of these four tunes Elwood particularly stands out with its lo-fi slacker pop tones that are accompanied perfectly by some scuzzy guitars that kick in later on the track. Dog O’ Tears sees Savage Mansion give an enigmatic response to living in an increasingly xenophobic society before the record reaches a fitting climax and the floor filling, Older and Wiser, which along with all the other tracks makes for a mesmerising debut album.

You can get the album here.

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