Glastonbury Festival 2017-Sunday 25th June

glasto sign hill                              The view from the top of the hill.

After four excellent days at the festival the end was drawing near as we now entered the final day. I had another reasonably early start as I decided not to do too much of the late-night stuff this year as I wanted to be able to spend time with my family in the daytimes without feeling too rough. Although I love a lot of the afterhours action I’m going to another festival later in the year where I can party as much as I want to so I usually headed to bed around 1.30 this year which is earlier than usual however it was the right decision as the hangovers were far milder than previous festivals.

After another early start, I decided to go over to the Other Stage to check out Slaves via a quick stop for a bacon sandwich. I have to admit I didn’t know too much about the two piece from Kent but I had heard great things about their live shows. As soon as the opening riff hit I knew this was going to be something great, especially with the racket that was coming from just two people. My nephew was also loving despite showing some reluctance to go see them in the first place, unsurprisingly he appreciated the exotic language, as he called it, he heard at this set and at many other places at the festival. With a hugely energetic performance Slaves really got the Sunday morning crowd into their set and we both agreed that the raucous Where’s Your Car Debbie was a highlight of a highly enjoyable start to the day.

With not too many acts that I felt I must see it was great to mooch around the site and spend most of the day together, this included a couple of visits to the Greenpeace kids field where my tireless nephew seemed to be setting some sort of world record for number of times going down a slide. Whilst wondering we also caught most of London Elektricity Big Band’s set, which saw the drum and bass producer recreate his tunes accompanied by a big band giving them a new sound. The songs were full of vibrancy and taken to a whole new level which got the whole crowd dancing to yet another superb performance.

joe goddard                       One of my favourite photos from the festival

One of my nephews favourite DJ’s is Seth Troxler so when we saw the house and techno aficionado was playing nearby we had to go see him, although we only stayed for half an hour it was great to have a boogie to someone who we are all into. After watching a bit of Kano I headed over to West Holts for Justice but unfortunately the sound for where I was stood was really poor which meant I just couldn’t get a feel for the set. This did mean I got to see the last half of Metrononmy’s set though which is never a bad thing as every time I’ve seen them it’s always been fantastic and it was great to see them play some of the newer songs live too, making their electro pop majesty a brilliant way to end the weekends music.

I decided to wait a week before writing anything about the festival just to let it all soak in and now I’ve had time to reflect I can certainly say that 2017 has been my favourite Glastonbury so far. This was down to several factors one of which the company and bringing my nephew along as it was great to share this experience as a family and see how much he enjoyed one of my favourite places. The great weather we had also made an enormous difference compared to the extreme mud of last year although even when conditions are bad it is still a wonderful place to be, it’s just simple things like being able to sit on the grass in the sun with a nice cold drink that make things that much better.

It really is impossible to do everything at Glastonbury and I usually just tend to pick a couple of things that I’m going to do and then just see what happens really depending on whereabouts I am as nothing can prepare you for just how vast the site is. Having said this there is no right or wrong way to do the festival and if you like to plan everything there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. After trying for tickets for so long I feel so privileged to have been able to attend four festivals in a row and will hopefully be making a return in two years’ time as 2018 is set to be a fallow year. If anyone reading this has any doubts about going I would advise anyone to try it, as even after doing this piece over five parts I have not even touched the surface and could quite easily so much more about the place, so good luck to anyone trying for tickets on the future and see you in 2019.



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