Pumarosa-The Witch


London five piece Pumarosa have received much acclaim since rising to people’s attention in the past couple of years and have released their stunning debut album, The Witch, on Fiction Records.  The album itself oozes charisma and sees Pumarosa avoid being pigeon holed into one genre showing the diversity within the band as well as a sharp ability to experiment with sounds.

The forlorn, ambience of album opener Dragonfly provides a mesmerising atmosphere which encapsulates this enthralling record.  The album’s title track is a truly majestic track which elegantly glides through its understated tones before building into a great ending tinged in psychedelia.  Coming in at an epic seven and a half minutes the grandiose Priestess is a highlight of the record with a slow rumbling beginning that slowly graduates into a cacophony of an ending leaving the listener in absolute awe. 

The surprisingly bouncy synths contrast the title of My Gruesome Loving Friend is a close to an out and out pop song that Pumarosa come whilst also featuring some introspective lyrical content.  The ethereal and harmonious vocals on Barefoot see things slow down a bit, however it is this change of pace that really makes this spine-tingling track glow.  As The Witch is brought to a close on a high with the foot stomping Snake, which ensures the record doesn’t have a bad song on it, you can’t help but be inspired by this great band who have all the signs pointing towards a huge future.

You can get the album here.


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