Serge Bulat-Third World Walker

Serge Bulat

Serge Bulat is a Moldovan born producer and singer/songwriter who now resides in New York, who has followed up his award winning Queuelbum LP with the Third World Walker EP.  Bulat produces electronica that is more on the experimental side, however it has a fluidity and complexity that makes it difficult to pinpoint but is utterly engrossing.

The EP commences with previous single Third World River a brilliant ambient tune that allows you to drift away and that has garnered recognition for an ambitious, innovative video project.  We are moved on to an unreleased version of Rec Shift Motel, a thought provoking track which features dark, illicit tones that loom over you.  Idiots In Hell is a reworking of Bulat’s Idiots In Heaven track where he has collaborated with Argentinian music artist Clan Balache and it’s deep, understated techno sounds make for an enthralling journey.  Third World Walker is bookended by another single, Walker which has a soft, droning beat that takes you through this sublime tune and draws this great EP to a conclusion.

You can get the EP here.


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