Brineaboy are a new electronic duo from Nashville, who first got together less than a year ago, in August 2016.  After working on several different projects over the years Amy Wright and HA Hill decided to merge their talents together to begin work on Brineaboy.  Despite only being together a short time the band have recorded a host of singles available for download.

One thing that is noticeable immediately on their tunes is how well Wright’s brooding vocals accompany the looming, dark synths the duo have collaborated on, this can especially be heard on Gallows Humour.  The lingering Whatever the Odds sounds like it’s come from somewhere in the future, which together with the infectious chorus makes for an exciting song.  Unalienable and Xenophobia are another pair of brilliant tracks that are full of lucid, introspective tones that engage you immediately in addition to leaving me looking forward to a first full length release from Brineaboy.

You can check out the singles here.


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