Imaginary Tricks-Skommel

Imaginary Tricks

Imaginary Tricks is a new project founded by Mike Visser formerly of Sacramento band Frank Jordan are due to release their debut album Skommel.  The record is set to be released on independent label Friendship Fever Records and is coming out fresh on the back of the bands successful jaunt to the famed South by Southwest.

This is an album that’s full of layers in addition to transcending genres which allows Imaginary Tricks to work without boundaries as can be heard on opening track Mr. Big. Idea.  There is a wide variety of songs on Skommel especially on tunes like Lights Out which starts with a smooth intro before building into an excellent gritty and rugged affair.  Night Owl which has hit written all over it features some wonderful harmonies as well as silky guitars that go along with a delicious chorus that instantly gets you singing along.

The imagery used on Bird is exemplarily once you hear this dream like tune you can’t help but feel a sense of freedom which takes you to a special place once the guitar solo kicks in and with all these components it’s easy to see why this was the lead single for the album.  Its’ not just the tunes on Skommel that are fascinating, Visser also demonstrates excellent song writing abilities, as he tells the tale of his father’s immigration from South Africa to the United States on No Ordinary Guy that has a simplistic charm to it.  The record ends with the hushed tones of the delightfully introspective Ease that builds up into an emotive song that wraps up a superb debut effort from Imaginary Tricks as well as showing they have all the tools to make this project a success.

You can get the album here

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There is also a video for Lights Out here.

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