Vassals-Halogen Days


Brooklyn’s Vassals are a trio who formed back in 2011 and have since become a firm fixture in New York’s DIY scene.  The band’s latest EP, Halogen Days, is set to bet be the first release for fledgling independent label Post Fun.

I was unaware of Vassals before being sent this EP but as soon as I heard the opening track Sea Spells I had the feeling that I had been missing out all this time and couldn’t wait to hear. Although the song holds its cards close to its chest in terms of what’s to come on the rest of the EP it does a superb job of keeping you intrigued.  Halogen Days really gets going on Moonless which finds the perfect balance between loud and quiet, whilst also demonstrate some exemplary virtuosity on the guitars.  Lead single Soho has a lingering groove that gives more than a nod to 90’s slacker pop which features heavily in Vassals’ sound, however they are far more than a throwback and these infectious tunes more than hold their own.

The poignant Ghostwood is an exceptional way to end a record with its hushed tones slowly building up into a cacophony of sound that leaves you on the edge of your seat.  Vassals do a sublime job of installing a sense of brooding in addition to at times making you want to get up and dance and with the promise of a full-length release in the future I can’t wait to hear more from this New York band.

You can pre order the EP here

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Check out the video for Soho


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