DRGM are a trio from London who produce their own unique brand of electronic music which can be heard on their latest release, EP Etc, which has come out on the records etc label.

Lead track Felt has an intriguing intro that has an underground feel to it, that grows in a huge track which also has a simple but effective video that goes along with it.  DRGM slow things down on Cherryade is a demonstration of the intricacy of DRGM’s compositions as well as verging on the Avant Garde.  The smooth and sleek tones of Vanilla mixes things up nicely whilst continuing to demonstrate the outstanding vocal range of the lead singer, adding to the sense of cool that radiates from this band.  Drip is the shortest track on the EP which gives it a real sense of the here and now about it that would instantly get anyone moving and should be an instant hit in my eyes.

Overall I would say this record is faultless and the only complaint I had is that I wanted to hear more so hopefully there might be a full length release in the future.

You can check out the EP here.

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