Sodatream-Little by Little


Australian indie folk duo Sodastream have returned with their first new album for over ten years as they celebrate their 20-th anniversary in 2017.  Recorded gradually over a three-year period Little by Little certainly shows that good things come to those who wait as it really is a delightful record.


Colouring Iris starts things off and this lovely smooth, mellow tune sets the tone for the listener immediately, that also features a string section that you can’t help but lose yourself in.  The intro to habits quickens the pace up in addition to having a slight bluegrass feel too it’s vocals and guitars.  Sodastream use a variety of other musicians who provide a plethora of instruments as can be heard on some feel-good horns on Letting Go which also contrast some tough lyrics well.


The harmonies on Walking Bone really add colour and vibrancy to a heartfelt song that draws out emotions as well being a really thought provoking moment.  The longest track on the album, Tyre Iron particularly stood out as the feedback on the first part of the song manages to provide a sense of shoegaze on a folk record which I’m not sure I’ve heard before developing in to a wonderfully soulful tune.  Little by Little is drawn to a conclusion by the wistful and occasionally haunting Saturday’s Ash which ensures this brilliant record meets and end that is fitting.


Sodastream have more than picked up where they left off before taking their hiatus and the biggest compliment I can pay this album is that it would be a tragedy if we had to wait another ten years for another record from these talented Australians.   

You can get the album here

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