Cold Summer-Fight To Survive

Cold Summer

West Yorkshire based Cold Summer’s latest release is the, Fight To Survive EP and continues on from the post hardcore bands excellent back catalogue sin their formation in 2011.  There is also a an extremely strong DIY ethic installed within Cold Summer where they have self-released previous material in addition to promoting their selves which has led to support slots for Funeral For A Friend, Brawlers and Milk Teeth amongst many others.

The record itself begins with Bear Eats Wolf which begins with a short and almost ethereal soundscape hitting you with a wall of sound that leaves you hanging on in anticipation for the rest of this exciting EP.  A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire, shows a more melodic side to the band without losing the edge to this angst driven music.  Cold Summer also show they can have more accessible moments on tunes such as Car Crash (In Progress) before upping the ante yet again on the wonderful Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It).

I’m an absolute sucker for a bassline so the intro to Waiting had me gripped immediately, the track also has the contrasting vocals that switch from aggressive and gravely to harmonious seamlessly.  Fight To Survive is drawn to a conclusion brilliantly by Something, Nothing, No-One which continues with more hard hitting riffs that feature heavily throughout.  Although the band remind of acts such as Billy Talent they offer far more than being any sort of imitation to anyone else in addition to providing a truly inspirational record that I can honestly say doesn’t have a bad track on it.

You can get the EP here.


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