Elephant Memoirs-Broken Jagged Edges EP


Elephant Memoirs, a trio of musicians hailing from Gateshead have self-released the Broken Jagged Edges EP.

Kicking off with Tadpole the EP gets to an enthralling start with some hard-hitting riffs throughout, that really stand out on this raucous track. The pace is brought down ever so slightly on Champion of the Universe which has an anthemic fell to it, in addition to a brilliant sing along chorus. The undoubted highlight of this fine record for me is the outstanding Dirt which has a pounding beat with intricate guitars before building up into a frenzy that has a match rock sound to it. Elephant Memoirs bring this EP to an end with Focus/Release which has a far more formulaic rock sound, however it does feature a bassline to die for, there is enough variety on the record that would certainly leave me interested in a full-length release from the band and this EP is more than worth anyone’s attention.

Matt Hill

You can check out the EP here.


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