Evans the Death-Vanilla

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London five piece Evans the Death return with their latest album, Vanilla, on the excellent Fortuna Pop label.  Whilst the band keep some of the poppy hooks and sensibilities that were a feature of their previous records, they also display a more experimental and raw sound that can be heard straight away on the superbly fuzzy and psychedelic opening track, Haunted Wheelchair.

The wide range of styles covered on Vanilla really stands out on the following two songs with frantic Suitcase Jimmy contrasting the melancholic, No Limitations, in a wonderful fashion to keep up the fantastic start to a record from a band I have admired for a long time.  Evans the Death also show a new found maturity in their sound that’s certainly no bad thing and it can be heard on tracks such as the sublime Cable St. Blues.

Hot Sauce is definitely a personal highlight of the album with a bassline to die for that give it a strange funky ballad sound before ending with a fascinating wall of noise.  There really isn’t a bad moment on Vanilla as can be heard on the swooning Armchair Theatre which complements brilliant shoegaze moment in the form of Welcome to Usk.  The slow and lingering European Bison brings this superb album to a close and is yet another celebration of the amazing Evans the Death.

Matt Hill

You can get the record here.


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