Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love-Last

low low

Low Low Low La La La Love Love (Low Low) have release their fourth and final album, the aptly title Last, on the Audio Antihero label.

Opening track Goodbyes hits you with a wall of sound straight away before contrasting this wonderfully with some much softer tones. Burrow has an almost joyous, indie pop feel to it which is quickly followed by the sumptuous Guard a wonderfully understated lo-fi track. A superb instrumental intro is combined with some brilliant harmonies from Low Low on Harvesting, giving it some kind of ethereal feel.

Dispel offers a moment of poignancy with its anthemic guitars before What You Wanted Most has a jaunty, folky sound that shows how wide a range of genres Low Low can cover. There is a feeling of melancholia throughout this excellent record, which sets the tone superbly considering its their final album, this can especially be heard on tracks like Little Heart. The uplifting title track is a great way to close Last and rounds of a truly spectacular record which makes it a shame we won’t hear more from Low Low.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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