The Low Road-There’s A Monster In The Shower

the low road

The Low Road is a fanzine based in the five towns area of West Yorkshire and they have brought us this fantastic compilation, There’s A Monster In The Shower as part of cassette store day.

This release features a whole plethora of talent from the region and has a mix of great acts that have featured on the blog previously as well as a couple of hidden gems that I was previously unaware of. Forever Cult kick things and with the wonderfully understated and crooning Suntrap, before Yawning Dog’s excellent brand of fuzzy grunge. Next up are a couple of acts that are well known to this page in the form of jamiesaysmile and Runaround Kids and as per usual neither disappoint. The delightful tones of Mark Stringer are the calm before the storm that is wearenotdolphins quickly followed by the awesome Allusondrugs.

One Day After School provide some delightful tones on Fifty Lines before Jack’s Attic provide a fine example of unadulterated indie pop. You’re The Decoy are one of the bands that I was previously unaware of and great riffs with catchy hooks make for a tune just on the right side of a rock anthem. The Ainsley Band followed by The Sunbeams draw things to a conclusion in fine fashion with some majestic indie rock from both of these talented bands. I truly can’t pick out a bad track on this excellent compilation, also all proceeds are going to charity so this is definitely a must buy.

Matt Hill


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