Tiny Ruins-Brightly Painted One

tiny ruins

Tiny Ruins started off as the solo project of Hollie Fullbrook and Brightly Painted Ones is their first album to be released since they signed with the Bella Union label.

This mesmeric album is full of poignancy soothing songs that follow some traditional folk themes to make for something special. Fullbrook has also managed to bridge the gap between having a more expansive sound yet also sticking to minimalist tones which is another highly impressive factor of this record.

Opening track Me At The Museum You At The Winter Gardens really sets up the album superbly with its soft harmonious tones. She’ll Be Coming Round is a particular highlight of the album, a beautifully understated song that can’t help but give you a yearning feeling. Fullford’s exceptional vocal talents really stand out on the record and they can certainly be heard on tracks like the sublime The Ballad Of The Hanging Parcel. This stunning record is drawn to a conclusion by the sumptuous White Sheet Lightning which simply leaves you wanting more of the same.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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