The Trouble With Templeton-Rookie


Rookie is the debut album from The Trouble With Templeton, the creation of singer/songwriter Thomas Calder and is set to be released on the Bella Union label.

Rookie is a superb debut effort and the collection of songs has been put together to make a beautiful, melodic record. Opening track Whimpering Child is an enchanting tune which has several layers that immediately get you involved in the album. There are various genres covered on the record and tunes such as Like A Kid have an almost riotous feel to them as well as having a brilliant shout along chorus. Six Months In A Cast slows things down a bit before building up to a rousing crescendo, making it one of the highlights of the record.

There are also some real hearts on sleeve, emotive moments thanks to the wonderful vocals of Calder, which can really be heard on the sumptuous I Recorded You. The looming, dark keys on Soldiers give an ominous sense of foreboding on another truly mesmerising tune. The album ends on the sublime Lint which rounds off a fantastic debut effort from The Trouble With Templeton.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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