Martha-Courting Strong


Recent signings to the Fortuna Pop label, North East Martha are set to release their latest album, Courting Strong.

The band are well established on the UK DIY scene and having a label like Fortuna Pop put this album out can only help to get a deserving band more credit. Martha’s punk infused take on pop makes for an incredibly infectious record that highlights the vast talents of this encapsulating band. Courting Strong holds your attention from the very start with some wonderful harmonies as well as holding a strong melodic sound throughout.

Opening track Cosmic Misery gets proceedings off to a fantastic start, going straight into a hard hitting riff that makes for a fine tune. The ease at which the boy/vocals interchange so smoothly is another feature throughout and in can especially be noticed on superb tracks like Dust, Juice, Bones & Hair. It would be impossible to pick out any poor moment on this album but some of the stronger tunes like Move To Durham and Never Leave have a fantastic, old school punk rock feel to them. After nine excellent songs Martha draw Courting Strong to a close with the poignant and fitting So Sad (So Sad).

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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