Kye Alfred Hillig-Together Through It All

American singer/songwriter Kye Alfred Hillig’s latest album Together Through It All, is a great record full of some memorising heartfelt tunes.

The record has a great opening with the understated electronic tones of Breaking Lungscomplimented brilliantly by the emotional title track.  Diving Dove really shows off Hillig’s strong points when a simple acoustic guitar is elevated by his fantastic voice.  There is a nice change of pace on Free The Birds a full on rock tune that shows some impressive versatility from Hillig.

Oar The Shore is another great tune that is helped along its way by some nice keys and soothing female vocals in the background.  The shimmery guitars on Life As A Rat only add to the impressive song writing that is highly prominent on this record.  The uplifting Lighthouse Man is contrasted beautifully by tracks like the haunting Does My Soul Still Sing which ends a brilliant album to perfection.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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