The Trouble Starts-West

The Trouble Starts are a band hailing from Seattle, and their new EP ‘West’ comes out on February 25th, and is the other half to last years ‘East’. This four track EP comes in at15 minutes long, and is well produced and performed. It’s described as indie-rock, but there’s definitely a noisy, post-rock streak in these guys, with some good song-writing and strong vocal performances to back up the interesting music. The guitar work moves from crisp and clean picked notes to distorted lead lines. The bass is a constant driving force throughout and the drums are effective.
The EP starts with ‘Faulkner’, which starts slowly, and builds in a great rock tune, it’s followed by ‘Bird in the Water’, which is the most radio-friendly of the bunch. Things take a darker turn with “Alexandria”, and build into a big ending with “Follow Building Lines”
It’s well worth a listen, and can be found here.
Chris Baker
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