Xiu Xiu-Angel Guts: Red Classroom

The excellent Xiu Xiu’s latest offering is this superb, ominous and uncompromising album courtesy of the Bella Union label.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom is a truly unconventional and fine album with the brooding, instrumental title track.  It’s tracks like Stupid In The Dark that really set the atmosphere and it’s full of great beats as well as the harrowing vocals that are featured heavily throughout.  New Life Immigration rumbles softly along whilst emanating a real sense of foreboding as well.

Adult Friends is an absolute highlight of the album and its hushed tones is counter acted by some truly spectacular, distorted synths.  The intro to Bitter Melon gives the track a more poppy feel to it than the rest of the record before the occasional screechy vocal is added in to slightly depart from this.  The album is book ended by the second instrumental title track to give the album a real sense of clarity as well as tying things up nicely.  

Matt Hill
You can get the album here.

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