Let’s Wrestle-Let’s Wrestle


Let’s Wrestle’s third and self-titled album sees the band make a natural progression as the young band have certainly matured from the early days.  Although still an obviously English sounding band they have added more structure to their songs since the early days, the album is also the first they have released since being signed to the excellent Fortuna Pop label.
The album starts in superb fashion with the sublime Rain Ruins Revolution that’s has a 60’s feel to it as well as having the jangly guitars that help it to still sound fresh.  Lead single Codeine And Marshmallows is a bit of a curveball as the mellow track is not a typical Let’s Wrestle and the subtle inclusion of a violin just adds to such a good record.  Care For You continues the great tunes while the poignant Tied Up is a personal highlight.

David You Know has a real poppy feel to it and a brilliant, catchy chorus that gets this wonderful tune straight into your head and simply leaves it there.  The melodic Pull Through For You is a shimmering track that really highlights what Let’s Wrestle are all about and showcases the vast talents of this great band.  I also have to say I was extremely excited when I heard such a good label was signing a band I have admired for a long time and the results were so overwhelmingly pleasing as well as showing just how far the band have come from those early days.

Matt Hill
You can get the album here.

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