Sandra Sumie Nagano better known as Sumie has released her joyous self-titled debut album courtesy of the brilliant Bella Union label.  Sumie’s unique and soothing voice is accompanied by only an acoustic guitar on the record making for a glorious album.
Although the record follows a similar melancholic tone throughout Sumie does more than enough to avoid a monotonous feel to it.  It’s tracks like Never Wanted To Be that really highlight Sumie’s less is more, stripped back approach to music is just as good as any other and it’s just a great song that sends shivers down your spine.
Although there are little subtleties added from other instruments on tracks like Sailor Friendsand Midnight Glories the whole record as a work is testament to the talents of Sumie and how she can make such mesmerising music alone. 

Matt Hill
You can get the album here.

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