Route For The Underdog-Best Of 2013 Mixtape

Dick Underdog has been running a successful podcast for some time now and he has used this as a platform to launch the first Underdog release in the form of this best of 2013 compilation.  There are 23 tracks featured from a variety of artists some of which have featured on here before and others of which I was previously unaware and its always great to unearth a couple of hidden gems when receiving a compilation.
It would be impossible to cover every single tune, however there is definitely not a bad one on the record which also features loads of lo-fi garage rock which is never a bad thing. 

Beer Swindlers by the hotly tipped and greatly named Radstewart is a real scuzzy lo-fi track while the superb Get Lost from L.A Witch has a shoegaze feel to it along with some great guitars.  There are also some top tunes from bands that have been on here before like the Maltese indie rock trio Clandestines and the synth driven post punkers So Sexual.  Some of the hidden gems I was talking about come from Outbust Jr. whose track reminds me of the first time I heard The Walkmen, there is also a superb contribution from The Invisible Strings who contribute a moment that can’t help but put a smile on your face.
Overall this is a great compilation with a plethora of brilliant artists to choose from and it also ties in nicely with the thoroughly enjoyable podcasts that Mr. Underdog does.

Matt Hill
You can get the compilation here.

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