Clandestines-Saturday As Usual

Philophobia Music have released yet another fine record this time from Maltese three piece Clandestines, whose debut album, Saturday As Usual is an absolute corker.

Saturday As Usualis a truly accomplished record that belies this young bands years and it kicks off with the superb Serbian Dog which sets the tone for what’s to come.  Calndestines don’t just stick to a certain sound giving the album great variety and this can be heard on the more poppy, melodic Don’t Step Into Your Grave which is contrasted by the excellent riffs on Downer.  There is a change of pace on It’s Finance which has a shoegaze feel to it before going into Lungs a fantastic track full of distorted guitars and vocals.

Despite being in the throngs of winter Leprosy manages to give off a summer vibe with its great hooks.  The harmonic Youth Will Get You Far has a brooding intro before developing into a somewhat epic tune before the emotive I’m So Great can’t help but to drum up some feeling in you.  The shouty vocals and pure unadulterated noise on You Fell, You Fell, You Fellensures this sublime album ends in a crescendo.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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