Cocoanut Groove-How To Build A Maze

How To Build A Maze is to be released on Fortuna Pop and is the second album by Swedish indie poppers Cocoanut Groove, but is the first one as a full as it all began a solo project of Olov Antonsson. 

After a short Prelude the album proper kicks off with the title track a great pop tune full of soft tones and whimsy guitars.  It’s not just catchy hooks and melodies that appeal about Cocoanut Grove but there is also some impressive song writing on the record as can be heard on Fair-Weather Friend.  Colours is a particular highlight of the album and it has a fantastic intro that sounds like it could have come straight from a western movie soundtrack.

Night Walk is a haunting yet beautiful tune, which also shows the band are equally adept at producing more stripped back songs that still more than stand up with the rest of the record.  Cocoanut Groove pick the pace back up again with the superb Afternoonwhich has infectious hooks that would make for an instant hit.  A brilliant pop album is drawn to a conclusion by the excellent yet frantic Seven Flowers making sure things end on memorable note.

Matt Hill 

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