Too Many T’s @ The Hop 28.11.13

London based hip hop duo Too Many T’s made a triumphant return to Wakefield following excellent sets at The Hop last year and at this year’s Long Division.  They played yet another brilliant show as well as having some great support in the form of Byron Street Social and The Magic Droids Band.

An eight piece reggae/funk band with a somewhat skiffle sound to them just shouldn’t work but to be honest Byron Street Social absolutely blew me away.  The combination of a powerful female vocalist and a male MC over a plethora of instruments worked to great effect and they even managed to make DJ Fresh songs sound good by throwing a couple of covers in. 

Next up were The Magic Droids Band who filled the room with the smell of incense before going into a slow, swooning number to kick off their set.  As the room started to fill up a bit more the band really got into their stride and provided a great set full of psychedelic tones yet catchy enough to keep the attention of the crowd.

It was now time for Leon Rhymes and Standaloft, AKA Too Many T’s, to take the stage and bring their high energy hip hop set to The Hop.  The duo were ably assisted by their new DJ Savage Henry who certainly brought the big beats and heavy bass to the occasion. 

Whenever I’ve seen Too Many T’s before they always set a brilliant party atmosphere and it was no different this time with tunes like Boom Bap that really get a crowd going.  The tour was put together by the group to support their latest EP, Beats We Wish We Had, and all of the tunes off it sounded excellent.  Particular highlights of a fantastic set were a great remix of 1992 and a new song which I unfortunately failed to get the name of, all this made for another excellent evening in the company of the thoroughly entertaining Too Many T’s.

Matt Hill

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