The Wharves/The Rosy Crucifixion-Split LP

Scottish independent label Soft Power Records have brought together The Wharves and The Rosy Crucifixion to release this excellent split LP.  Although the two bands differ in style, Soft Power Records have obviously chosen the two of them wisely as they complement each other really well to make for an intriguing LP.

The first side of the LP is from the fantastic London based trio, The Wharves and their contribution gets off to a fine start with the brilliant Thick Syrup.  Unhand Me has a great 60’s pop feel to it and features the wonderful harmonies that are prominent throughout the first side of this record.  There is far more to The Wharves than just pretty vocals and their fuzzy guitar lines add another dimension to their music as can be heard on Woodchip and the sublime closing track Deepwater Horizonwhich really sums up what The Wharves are all about.

The second side of the LP comes from Glasgow’s The Rosy Crucifixion and they open up with the brilliant Do You Right.  The band have a more rock and roll sound to them, while keeping that lo-fi sound on tracks like Dr. Zaiden.  Hot In Your Head is another great tune before proceedings are brought to a close with Night Of The Wailers a superb track full of reverb that descend into a wall of noise that shows that the Rosy Crucifixion have some versatility about them.

Matt Hill

You can get the record here.


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