Humans As Ornaments Single Launch @ Oporto 26.11.13

Leeds based rock band, Humans As Ornaments celebrated the release of their debut single, The Only Other Way, with this launch party with some stellar support acts at Oporto.  As well as putting together a great line up punters were also given a copy of the single for the princely sum of four quid offering great value for money.

First up were Two Trick Horse and the trio were a brilliant way to open up proceedings with their incredibly loud and in your face punk/post hardcore music.  I was unsure of the band moving to a three piece at first but having seen them a couple of times since I can definitely say these doubts were unfounded as new songs like Murder At The Winter Olympics sounded fearsome.

Next up were NARCS who are one of my favourite bands to emerge in 2013 so it was certainly a pleasure to get to see them again.  Their set was heavily laden with tracks from their recent album; Two Birds, One Stone Later, and the band were really tight throughout and sounded great.  NARCS put together driving riffs as well as sweet hooks and melodies to produce some fine music and the superb Coast To Coast particularly stood out on the night.

The final support act of the evening are Nose the only band that I had nothing from before on the bill.  The first five songs of the set were all of a new EP of theirs and the brand of bass heavy punk rock they provided made me want to hear more.  Nose finished up with a couple of new songs the last of which had a lingering outro which helped build the atmosphere and rounded off an escellent set.

Finally it was time for the brilliant Humans As Ornaments who had filled up the room nicely especially for a cold, Tuesday night close to Christmas.  The band start as they mean to go on and the big riffs and shouty vocals of Hangman ensure the set gets off to a great start.  The band are going down really well and when they get round to playing the single it sounds brilliant and it’s pleasing to see all their hard work pay off.  When Humans As Ornaments’ set draws to a close I couldn’t help but be impressed with their incredibly catchy brand of alternative rock as well how many good bands they brought together to provide a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all.

Matt Hill

All the bands are well worth checking out so here’s some links.

Humans As Ornaments
Two Trick Horse


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