Alocpop! Records-Alcopopular 6: Highway To The Velodrome

Fresh off the back of winning the best small label at the AIM awards the brilliant Alcopop! Records are set to release this fine compilation featuring fourteen some exceptional up and coming talent.  Not only is this a fantastic record but the guys at Alcopop! have made the unique decision to put the compilation out as a custom made mountain bike, which comes in at the princely sum of £300 however it will also be available at a much cheaper price digitally.

There is a healthy mix of bands that have featured on this blog before as well as ones that I’ve been meaning to check out and some exciting new acts that I was previously unaware of, which pretty much makes Alcopopular 6 the perfect compilation from a personal point of view.  The record opens up in fine fashion with the brilliant post hardcore track The King Is Dead by Max Raptor before the superb Gnarwolves produce an early highlight with Tongue Surfera great pop punk tune featuring self-deprecating lyrics to boot.

Next up is a dramatic change of pace with the excellent synth infused, dreamy pop song Toucan Surf by Jaws.  Digsaw by The Wytches is a fine piece of lo-fi music with a hint of psychedelia about it as well as featuring some impressive vocals.  Indie rockers The Spills continue with their trademark hard hitting riffs and aggressive vocals on the brilliant Friends With Girls.

Axes provide the brilliant instrumental math rock track WET WET WET WET, full of intricate guitars and catchy hooks, while Throwing up by Toothache is a fine lo-fi garage rock moment.  Tastes Like Medicine is yet another superb tune this time from Menace Beach who provide some great harmonies that are anything but menacing.  Crushed Beaks combine ace riffs and calypso drums on the sublime Grimbefore Pet Moon bring proceedings to a close with the lingering Ganger.

There are also fantastic tracks from Playlounge, Night Engine, Birdskulls and RADSTEWART to complete the record.  This really is a fantastic compilation and there is not a bad track on the album, I’d even say it’s so good that it would certainly make me contemplate taking up cycling.

Matt Hill

You can get the compilation here.


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