When I looked at my inbox one day to discover an email from Jezus factory, a UK based label that specialises in alternative Belgian music, it’s safe to say I was rather intrigued.  The band concerned are Sukilove a collective of Belgian musicians who make up this alternative rock band.

Opening track Calmhas a slow brooding intro before the band take this melancholic alt pop number and end it with some fabulous math rock.  After an impressive and diverse opening Sukilove continue with the catchy tunes with the brilliant Beatlesnakewhich sounds like a poppier version of Battles, which is no bad thing may I add.  C Thru Masquerade is full of great synths and also shows that the band aren’t afraid to experiment with new sounds to good effect.

The stuttery intro to Lust is fantastic and makes you instantly interested in a track that turns out to be one of the highlights of the album.  The record continues in a similar vein but also has some more melodic moments like the sublime Think I Love You But I Made A Mess.  I can’t fault this album from a band I was completely unaware of before a few days ago and You Are All I Want From You ensures a fine record ends on a nice note.

Matt Hill

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