Mark Wynn-Support Your Local Scene Go Watch Your Mates Shit Band

Singer/songwriter Mark Wynn is back with another superb album on the Desert Mine Music label.  I can’t really come up with enough superlatives for the short sharp bursts of punk infused folk tunes that Wynn seems to come up with time and time again.

The opening two tricks both come in at under a minute and feature Wynn’s trademark stuttery guitars and broad spoken word vocals.  Oh Shut Up is full of lo-fi goodness and sees the record really get going with this great track.  Wynn doesn’t change his formula too often but then why would he when he produces tunes as good as Billy Billy I Love You, which has brilliant backing vocals which sound like they are being yelped in anguish.

There is a more of a country feel to Oh No (yeah okay), quickly followed by the superb I Don’t Know that has a great chorus that makes you instantly wan to sing along.  The intro to Roll The Tapesees Wynn bordering on blues rock, while the frantic vocals are incredible and give the song a sense of urgency that really makes it stand out.  Another outstanding album is brought to an end by the jaunty Fetch Me Some Winewhich ensures you are left with a smile on your face.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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