Texas band Midlake return with a fresh sound on their latest album, Antiphon, set to be released on the Bella Union label.

The record kicks off with the title track with its psychedelic riffs and progressive sound that leaves you under the impression that this is certainly going to be an exciting album.  Next up is Provider which has a more mellow sound and its smooth pop tones entice you into this superb tune.  There is an ethereal intro to The Old and the Young before going into some sweet beats that instantly gets you foot tapping away to a great track without even realising.  Instrumental track Vale has a soothing start before building up into some distorted guitars and synths that nicely breaks up the record.

Ages has a deceptive country style intro as it turns out to be nothing but a fantastic experimental tune from Midlake.  The sweet melodies of This Weight make it the closest thing to a pop tune on the album and its haunting vocals really do send a shiver down the spine.  There is an epic feel to Corruption before Antiphon is drawn to a close by the excellent, brooding track Provider Reprise which slowly builds into a crescendo bringing things to a fitting end.

Matt Hill

Get the album here.


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