Sandie Trash-Salve Regina

The people at Bleeding Gold Records have released yet another gem of an album from French band Sandie Trash. 

The album kicks off with a bang with some brilliant scuzzy riffs on the superb A Tour de Sortwhich is quickly followed up by Les Filles de Lillith a great track full of distorted synths.  Les Ours Blancs particularly stands out and is a pretty out there track that sounds like a punk rock tune on acid which somehow works for Sandie Trash.  There are more conventional tunes like Chienne de L’enfer which includes some ominous, dark male vocals which really add depth to the track.

There are some smooth beats on the superb, swooning Lips Moving one of the more melodic moments of the album.  Obviously I can’t comment on the song writing on the record as I successfully managed to scrape a grade E in GCSE French over a decade ago, despite this the vocals are great and are slightly reminiscent of Karen O.  Dyslexique could easily fill dance floors anywhere, while the touching Rosewraps up a fantastic record.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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