Joey Fourr/H. Grimace-Nothing Beats Reality

Independent label, Bad Paintings are putting out Nothing Beats Reality a great split EP from Joey Fourr and H. Grimace.

Joey Fourr’s contribution to the record opens with some hard hitting riffs on Purp Le Pain, that you could easily imagine punk rockers pogoing to.  It’s not just all scuzzy riffs though there are also some great melodies and vocals on tracks like Dirty Hole.  All the songs were recorded in Joey Fourr’s bedroom and it’s this DIY ethos that helps the brilliant, lo-fi Dollar Thrillz wrap up his side of the EP.

H. Grimace are a band that were entirely new to me and I certainly liked what I heard as well as having a nice contrast to the first half of the record on opening track Cemza.  Strange Love has a great grunge feel to it and with its churning riffs giving it a nice nineties feel to the track.  Tunes like End of the Road sound like they should be filling college halls and make for a great way to end a fine record featuring two very different but equally good artists.

Matt Hill

You can get the EP here.


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