Mi Mye-Sometimes Life’s Cool

Mi Mye is the brainchild of Jamie Lockhart, a Scottish singer/songwriter who resides in Wakefield as well as being a staple of the local music scene for many years now, and their latest record, Sometimes Life’s Cool, is set to be released on the brilliant Philophobia Music.  Some of his previous records have had a more stripped back feel to it but with the addition of a couple of members from Wakefield band The Spills Sometimes Life’s Cool has an indie pop feel to it without losing any of the folkish charm that makes MI Mye so appealing.

The record kicks of Great Sucksess a joyous track that’s full of spangly guitars whilst setting the tone for a brilliant album.  When I Get Home is a real low key affair while the title track lifts the mood and paints a picture of certain areas of Wakefield that I cross every day so it holds a definite personal resonance to me.  It’s not just the musicianship that impresses on the record Lockhart’s story telling through his lyrics, which especially comes to the forefront on stripped down tracks like Six Weeks and A Day.  I Will Forgive is a poignant tune as well as being a highlight of the record that slowly builds into a truly wonderous track that demonstrates the immense talents of Mi Mye.  Sometimes Life’s Cool ends with And I Know and Know, which is simply Lockhart accompanied by some understated strings which makes a fitting end to the record.  Overall the album is an absolute joy to listen to and is yet another addition to the sublime music that bearded Scottish folks seem to produce.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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