Ballet School-Boys Again EP

Formed in Berlin, but with members hailing from various global destinations, Ballet School have released their superb EP Boys Again on Bella Union.  With an eighties influence from the likes of the Cocteau Twins and The Cure but with a fresh twist, Ballet School, have certainly brought a 21st Century take on pop music.

Ghost opens up the record in fine fashion, with shimmering guitars that send a shiver up your spine, before it’s quickly followed up by lead track Heartbeat Overdrive s wonderful tune that, if things were right in the world, wold be an instant chart topping hit.  The EP is full of sweet melodies and beats that draw you into the songs so quickly you can’t escape the beauty of them and penultimate track Crush just goes further to prove the point.  Another feature on the record is the brilliant vocals of lead singer Rosie Blair which is a joy to listen to, this and the urgency of concluding track Yoaiwraps up a fantastic EP.

Matt Hill
You can get the EP here.

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