Piskie Sits-Creature Feature

After nearly a decade of being a band Wakefield’s, Piskie Sits have managed to produce a record that still sounds fresh and exciting.  Creature Feature is being released by the superb Philophobia Music and is a fine piece of lo-fi indie rock.

There are obvious comparisons to bands like Pavement but Piskie Sits can’t just be labelled as a copycat act, their fuzzy guitars and cool harmonies certainly give them a sound of their own as can be heard on opener I Know and You’ll Know.  The band have gone through various line-up changes over the years but by the sounds of this album it has not been to their detriment as the great tunes keep coming in the form of Feat. Pharrell Williams, which has an infectious chanty chorus.  Finhas an almost epic feel to it in the way the track builds up while Young Dumb and Full Of It is another great tune which accentuates the vocals that feature throughout the record.  Victoria Plzen has been receiving airplay from the likes of Marc Riley and you can see why as its incredibly catchy chorus makes it a standout moment and an instant hit.  Creature Feature ends on the mellow Rush Pixies which draws a truly refreshing record to a close.

Matt Hill

You can pre-order the album here.


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