Joanna Gruesome-Weird Sister

Cardiff based five piece, Joanna Gruesome have released their phenomenal debut album, Weird Sister, on the brilliant Fortuna Pop label.  The record is a fine collection of songs that covers upbeat pop melodies, pure noise and everything in-between in a fantastic fashion. 

 The opening track really sets the tone with some great poppy vocals and hard hitting riffs before being followed up by Sugarcrush a great tune that concludes into a huge wall of sound.  Wussy Void is a real slacker tune in addition to giving out a dreamy vibe whilst Madison is the first of a couple of tracks with a brilliant lo-fi punk rock sound.

The shouty vocals on the intro to Secret Surprise make it an instantly infectious tune as well as being full on incredibly catchy hooks.  Candy has a brooding feel to it and has an almost swooning feel to it, which is then followed up by the excellent, melodic Graveyard.  An absolutely fantastic album is drawn to a conclusion by the spine tingling Satan, yet another great lo-fi tune which brings a noisy album to a quiet end.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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